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UPDATED ANNOUNCEMENT: Community to be mirrored at Dreamwidth, archives will remain here

Hello all. Just a quick update on the community:

I'm currently in the middle of moving the posts and comments on this community over to Dreamwidth. This could take several days, but I'll update you when it's available.

That doesn't mean the LJ comm will disappear, though. The comm will remain here on LiveJournal as an archive at the least. It may be possible to leave it open to new posts, too, but I don't know yet. I'll make sure to update on that as well.

My major concern with the new LiveJournal TOS is that their terms are quite restrictive and some of the conversations archived here may not meet the new TOS. However, I've decided that deletion isn't necessary since the current community contents can be backed up on DW, so if the worst should happen and this community is lost, there will be a mirror on DW.

Thanks for your patience through all this. This is new to me so there's a learning curve! I'll make sure to keep updating so no one is in the dark.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: New Moderator Needed

8 April 2017 Update: Please see this new post for updates!


Hello all. I'm currently the only active moderator on this community. Due to LiveJournal's newest Terms of Service, I will be deleting my account in a few weeks.

A new moderator is needed urgently.

There has been no activity here for a little over three years, so the community may be deleted at my discretion if no moderator is found, since no one posts here anymore.

Please leave a comment here or contact me through LJ messages no later than May 1, 2017. Thank you.

Hi there!

Hi everyone,

My name is Kelley! I'm so happy this group exists as it's always great to talk about our dear Jeremy. Jeremy was such an amazing actor and an amazing man! And such an inspiration to me. I have a quick question to ask you, I'm currently attempting to get into a PhD program and I'm writing (hopefully) a publishable paper on the acting style of Jeremy Brett. Aside from my own analysis of some Holmes material (as that is my main focus), I'm finding a hard time discovering where, if anywhere, he discussed such things or critical reviews of his acting work. If anyone has any leads for me, or knows where I can find information about his becoming style, it would greatly be appreciated! Thanks also for creating this group as it is awesome!

Happy Birthday Jeremy Brett


I'm new to this community, but I've been looking for an excuse to post these for a while, so I thought Jeremy Brett's birthday seemed like a good one. My journal co-writer and I made these crocheted versions of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes and Edward Hardwicke's Dr. Watson, so I thought I'd share them with this community in honour of the occasion. Hope you enjoy! And happy birthday Jeremy Brett!

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Merry Christmas To All

Hello All,

It's been so very long since I have posted and I sat down to peruse this website and thought of all the old friends I had made along the way. I hope this Christmas season finds all of you in good health with many blessings upon you. Of course, I am watching The Blue Carbuncle and The Christmas Box while enjoying this festive season!!


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FAN FIC....?

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pure conjecture and fluff
based on a story David Burke recalled at The Northern Musgraves Jeremy Brett Memorial Lunch. from Bending the Willow. the title sums up the summery.
rated for everyone
written from jeremy's pov.
please r and r if you feel so inclined.
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more drunken ramblings....

for a man who couldn't say his r's his youth, the man can sure role a mean r.

also i'm starting a swaggy etsy featuring all of my geeky fashionable extravagances, and i really wanna do a jeremy/sherlock t-shirt situation, any suggestion would be rad!

number three really?: , first published fanfic, please r and r. granada-centric!

brettish micros in the near future, keep ya'll posted.
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